Real Estate 101: The House Hunt

House Hunt in Lake Mary Florida

Do you think your ready to start your house hunt?

The Orlando area housing market has no shortage of homes to look at, if you don’t lead a focused search you could spend countless hours (or days, or weeks, or months…) and miles looking at properties that you will never buy, you should never waste your time looking at homes that aren’t right for you.

Ask yourself these home buying questions:

  1. Have you connected with a knowledgable REALTOR?
  2. Have you been pre-qualified for a mortgage?
  3. Have you determined your targeted area?
  4. Have determined your housing needs?

If you answered yes to these questions it’s time to hit the homebuying road.

A REALTOR is so much more than just the person who opens the door to what could be your next home, a REALTOR can help you save time and money.  Contact Debbie Summers to start your house hunt today @ 407-758-1020.

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