Update from the Lake Mary Downtown Development Open House

The City of Lake Mary last week presented their revised Downtown Development plan to area residents.   The plan encompasses a significant area of land around City Hall and will be City_of_Lake_Mary_Open_Houseeventually determined by the proposed light rail system to Orlando.

The proposed plan was met by approval and opposition of area residents (some, who’s homes currently occupy part of the development district are concerned about their future and when or if they will be approached to move).

Overall [I think] the development which includes commercial, residential, retail and recreational improvements will help evolve Lake Mary into an even more vibrant community and improve the quality of life of those who call Lake Mary home.

The plan, with an expected development window of 15 to 20 years is far from set in stone.  The City will need the help of private investors to make this dream a reality.

Continue to check for updates…

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