Rental Scams… A Central Florida Real Estate Reality

Protecting Yourself From A Rental Scam in Lake Mary

Real Estate Contract and KeysThe downturn in the housing market has left many homes vacant in our community and communities across the Country.  A vacant home is seen by some as an opportunity to make money off of unsuspecting people and should be kept in mind while looking for a home to rent in Lake Mary.

The best piece of advice that I can give a potential tenant is to work directly with a property management company to find a home to rent.  I know that many folks have had great success renting directly from an owner in the past, but in today’s housing climate, you need to protect yourself.

Rental Pitfalls:

  • Moving into a property that is in foreclosure/pre-foreclosure/default may result in a loss of your security deposit and possible eviction if the property is foreclosed on during your lease.
  • Properties that are for rent with a property manager, yet advertised on a website [such as CraigsList] that gives the impression that the owner is leasing the property directly and the potential tenant gives money for deposits and first/last month rent to someone who has no connection to the property and when they try to move in they find out that they’ve been duped and often end up without a place to live.
  • Foreclosures that are rented out to unsuspecting tenants who find out they are illegally occupying a property and are forced to vacate.

If you have questions about renting a home in the Orlando area, please email me,  I’d be happy to refer you to a property manager that will look out for you and help you find a rental home that meets your needs.

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