Top 5 Mistakes Homebuyers Make When Buying New Construction in Lake Mary

chalkboard with hand and box, piggy bank and thought bubbleGiven a choice, many Lake Mary Homebuyers would buy a brand new home if there was one in their budget.  Whether you are purchasing a resale or new construction in Lake Mary, working with a REALTOR® can make the entire experience more enjoyable and could quite possibly save you a lot of money.

I compliment the DIY attitude that homebuyers have today and the desire to compile information, data and statistics on your own, but when it boils down to making one of the largest financial purchases you could possibly make in your lifetime it might make more sense to work with a professional.

Top 5 mistakes that new home buyers make when buying New Construction in Lake Mary:

  1. Going shopping for a new home without a REALTOR®: Working with a REALTOR to help you find a NEW HOME (or resale) doesn’t cost you a thing. The commission that a buyer’s agent receives is paid for by the builder/seller and there isn’t a discount for not using a REALTOR.
  2. Thinking the onsite salesperson works for you: The onsitesalespers at a new home community works for the builder, they are loyal to their employer as they should be… They don’t work for you, you need your own REALTOR® to work on your behalf.
  3. Paying asking price without negotiating: It never hurts to ask… New home buyers often make the mistake of not making an offer of less than asking price. When you have a REALTOR® working for you she can arm you with the knowledge of other sales in the neighborhood and an informed buyer has power… buying power!
  4. Not asking for incentives:  A REALTOR® knows the market, they know when and how to approach a builder to ask for incidentals that builders don’t typically offer without being prompted… It pays to work with a REALTOR®.
  5. Not taking advantage of a REALTOR’s knowledge base: Most Lake Mary homebuyers don’t know the inventory like a REALTOR® does. Working with a REALTOR® gets you access to a wealth of knowledge that you just can’t get online. REALTOR’s study the inventory, new home communities and builder incentives every day… take advantage of their experience and save money at the same time.

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