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Seminole County Real Estate Question:

What school will My child attend when I buy this house?


It’s time for students to return to the classroom and questions about schools is on a lot of parents’ minds.

Where will my child attend school is one of the most frequently asked question of Seminole County home buyers and I do have the answer.

School zones are determined by Seminole County School Board and they have a wonderful tool on their website to inquire, by the home’s address, which schools a house is zoned for during the current school year.

Click here to visit the Seminole County School Zone Website Link to find out which schools a home is zoned to attend.

In addition to the standard zoning there are several school choice options available to students in Seminole County, allowing opportunities for students to attend a school other than their zoned school. There are many educational experience choices, including magnet schools/programs, cluster schools and school transfer options, providing parents with choices to customize their child’s education.

Please click here for more information about Seminole County School Choice Options.

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