Lake Mary High School's $2 Million Pool is APPROVED

I was very excited to hear that Lake Mary High School is going to finally be getting their swimming pool.  Even in the midst of budget cutbacks and statewide school funding woes, last night the Seminole County School board approved the long awaited Olympic size swimming pool for Lake Mary High School. 

The pool is to be used by Lake Mary High School’s swim team and the public.  The pool has been planned for years and was tabled by Superintendent Bill Vogel six months ago due to budget concerns and even though he recommended to shelve the project indefinitely last night the board agreed to move forward.

The site for the new pool is to be donated by the Seminole County commission along with $1.2 million in cash.  The City of Lake Mary is also participating with a contribution of $300,000.  The High School Booster club is contributing towards construction and annual maintenance.  Seminole County Schools will be providing funds for the construction fo the changing rooms and $50,000 a year towards the upkeep.

Lake Mary was recently voted the 4th best place to live in the U.S. and the#1 in the South by CNN/Money…  Community Development including the Events Center, Dog Park, Splash Park and swimming pool for the High School could just be what it takes to make it to #1.

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Debbie Summers – Lake Mary REALTOR

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