Homebuying 101: Location, Location, Location…

What should this real estate motto mean to you?

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You could approach just about anyone on the street and ask them what the one of the most important factors to consider when buying real estate and you are sure to hear the mantra “location, location, location”.  Why has this phrase become so ingrained in our thoughts about buying real estate and what does it actually mean?

This turn of phrase is referring to three most important factors when determining the desirability of a property.  I explain to clients that identical properties can have higher or lower values based solely on their locations. There are plenty of “identical homes” in the Orlando area, but their values are highly influenced by the neighborhoods they reside in.

What does a top spot in Seminole County look like:

  • It’s zoned for highly rated schools – Seminole County has some of the most highly sought after public schools in all of Central Florida. Homeowners and homebuyers know that their property values are directly linked to the school grades that are published each year and the success of it’s students.
  • It’s Close to shopping, entertainment & restaurants – You can’t put a price on convenience.  I live within walking distance to the grocery store, it’s made my life easier and if I’m lazy and don’t want to cook… I’m within 5 minutes of anytime of cuisine my little heart can desire, we have a standing date at Danny’s Broasted Chicken every Tuesday night☺
  • It’s easy to get around in Central Florida from- Easy access to Orlando’s major roadways: Interstate 4 & The Greenway – time really is money. People will pay more to save time… I use Google Maps all the time to map commutes for time and mileage.
  • It’s near the great outdoors –  State Parks, City Parks, Trail Systems, Splash Parks, Ball Fields, Sports and Recreation Facilities, Central Florida Zoo, Lakes, Riverwalks… Central Florida residents really do have “The Natural Choice” to enjoy everything that Seminole County has to offer.

If you are looking for your ideal location? Please contact Debbie Summers, REALTOR via cell/text @ 407.758.1020

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