Heathrow Woods Home Sales – Jan 2010

Home Sales in Heathrow  Woods – Lake Mary, Florida

1612 Bridgewater Dr., Lake Mary, Florida

4 bed/4 Bath ~ 3,332 sf ~ Heated Screened Pool & Spa

How long was this house on the market? 216 Days [Short Sale]

Sales Price: $580,000 or $174 sf / Original Price: $650,000 or $195 sf

Observations from my desk…  I’m amazed to see this great house in Heathrow Woods selling for $580,000.   That’s one lucky homebuyer who was willing to be patient and wait for this short sale and is now living in a home that was sold in 2/2007 for $1.29M.

A few years ago you couldn’t even get in the gate of Heathrow Woods for less than a million bucks, but it doesn’t surprise me, the fastest growing segment of defaults in the United States are mortgages over $1M – the mortgage crisis has now reached even the most affluent neighborhoods.

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