Distressed Property… What do you think that means?

Distressed Properties – “The Situation” explained…

Distressed Property Home Needs Repairs

What do you think of when you hear the words “Distressed Property”? The first thing that comes to mind might be something like the picture to the right. I even named the file “distressed property” so that I would quickly be able to identify it without looking.

I’ve earned a designation called “Distressed Property Expert” or “CDPE”, it doesn’t mean that I specialize in working with homes that are in disrepair. What it really means is that I work with homeowners that are in financial distress and are at risk of falling behind on their mortgages or already have and are facing foreclosure.

If your home is in jeopardy of becoming a distressed property, reach out for help now, sit down with me, have a cup of coffee and see what your options are to avoid foreclosure and they don’t always involve selling your home.

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