It’s September & We’re Broasting in Lake Mary, Florida

Danny's Broasted Chicken Lake Mary FloridaWe ate lunch at my friend’s new restaurant yesterday “Danny’s Broasted Chicken”  and it tasted great. I had a 2 piece meal served with mashed potatoes and cole slaw. The chicken was hot, crispy & juicy and then I get to the mashed potatoes… with lots brown gravy. Everything is homemade and the chicken, which is cooked under pressure is beyond finger licking good. I’m not really sure how many calories are involved in the meal but I really didn’t care during or after eating it all. I think it is good for you. I just hope I did not look desperate as I was trying to avoid having any left over. I’ve heard it is polite to leave a little on the plate to show you had enough? Leaving food is going to be tough here.

Broasted Chicken at Danny's Lake Mary FL

Danny’s is located just off Lake Mary Blvd east of the Longwood Lake Mary Rd intersection, near Planet Fitness. Two or three people visited the restaurant in their gym clothes… it is not a secret, so don’t be the last person to visit. You can eat in the restaurant or get the food to go. If you are tired of the hot weather outside and don’t want to be grilled outside…head to Danny’s and let them do the Broasting for you.

Danny at Danny's Broasted Chicken Lake Mary Florida

P.S.:  Danny graduated from Lake Howell High School and a Packers Fan…  Show him your support and visit soon!

Danny’s Broasted Chicken:  3005 West Lake Mary Blvd., Lake Mary – Phone:  407-878-6655

4 thoughts on “It’s September & We’re Broasting in Lake Mary, Florida

  1. We moved from Michigan, where we had this little broasted chicken place not too far from us. Danny’s is just like that little place, and absolutely OUTSTANDING!! The breading is great, the food was hot, and delicious!! Keep up the good work!

    1. I would bet money you are talking about Chicken Shack. I am also from MI and I worked at Chicken Shack in High School. Nothing like their broasted Chicken…except maybe now there is. I can’t wait to try this place!

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