Amura Sushi – Lake Mary / Heathrow, Florida

Amura in Colonial TownPark – Lake Mary, Florida

Anyone who spends a little time with me knows that I love Sushi…  My favorite Lake Mary sushi restaurant is Amura; great location, relaxing surroundings and fresh innovative food.

Amura Lake Mary Colonial TownPark Heathrow

I’m crazy about seaweed… The seaweed salad with Tuna at Amura is OUTSTANDING! If the gorgeous presentation doesn’t get you the fresh tuna will.  This is my “must have” dish at this restaurant.

Seaweed Salad Amura Lake Mary Florida

Just for the record, Sushi means “seasoned rice” it doesn’t necessarily mean raw [which scares many people off] and both of these rolls “Super Mexican” and “Bubba” are made with tempura shrimp and a great introduction to the world of sushi without having to dive right into something raw.

Super Mexican Roll & Bubba Roll Amura Lake Mary

There is a full menu at Amura in addition to the Sushi menu and there is also a Hibachi/Teppan area if you are looking for a traditional 3 course Japanese dinner.

For more information about Amura in Lake Mary, please visit their website by clicking here…

Have you had dinner at Amura? What’s your favorite roll?  I’d love to hear about your experience in the comment section below this post…

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