2011 Lake Mary FCAT Grades – Seminole County Schools

2011 Lake Mary Schools FCAT Grades

Lake Mary FCAT Test Scores

Seminole County Schools routinely rank high in the State of Florida and Seminole County High Schools currently rank in the top 3% of all High Schools nationwide in an annual Newsweek Magazine poll.

The High School Grades which include a factor for graduation rates have not been released at the time of this post, but will be available in an update as soon as they are published.

Lake Mary Elementary Schools

  • Crystal Lake Elementary School:  A
  • Heathrow Elementary School:  A
  • Lake Mary Elementary School:  A

Lake Mary Middle Schools

  • Greenwood Lakes Middle School: A
  • Millennium Middle School: A
  • Markham Woods Middle School: A

Resources & Links:

For detailed information about FCAT School Grades, Please visit the Florida Department of Education Website.

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